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Professional Business consulting

More than 20 Years of Success in helping small business

Mehr als 20 Jahre Erfolg in der Unterstützung für Small Business

Practice Areas

  • Intellectual Property
    Trademarks - Designs - Copyright - Patents
  • Marken - Designs - Urheberrecht - Patente
  • Legal Consulting
    Corporate and Commercial Agreements
  • Rechtsberatung - Ausarbeitung von Verträgen


Serving Customers
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Straight Talks. Practical Solutions.

Our clients want professionals who use their knowledge as a tool to anticipate and solve problems and to help them taking advantage of opportunities. We deliver a quality consulting product that meets their needs with professionalism and with appropriate, ethical behavior. We keep our promises. We do what we say we will do, by the deadline we agree to, for the tailor made price we commit to.


Latest Updates



International Trademarks - two option: filing an application in each country or using Madrid System.



Free Trade Agreement Switzerland - China also including IP rights has entered into force today.



According to NPD's Annual Music Study, illegal music file sharing is declining significantly.

Our Clients Say

123consulting has been our Intellectual Property Legal Partner for the past two years and has given structure to our trademark marketing program.

Paula Aristed, manager - NL

I’d like to thank your team for the hard work done with our Hong Kong team. Our Asian clients have been very satisfied with their services and I would strongly recommend them.

Danny Hudson, manager - HK